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The Editor and Contributors to God is Love are committed to honour the Lord Jesus Christ as the one God of heaven and earth, who is Love itself and in whom is the Divine Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We also respect the teachings of His Holy Word, contained in the Bible, together with many new insights into these teachings contained in the theological books of Emanuel Swedenborg.

Because of this commitment and respect we have set out to present concepts based on Revelation given through Swedenborg’s Theological Writings in a way that is sensitive to the reader’s existing faith whilst trying to shed further light on dearly held and important Christian beliefs.

We have used standard translations of the Bible and this has been shown by adding the commonly used abbreviations:

ESV English Standard Version
NIV New International Version
KJV King James Version

Emanuel Swedenborg’s Theological Writings are quoted numerous times. Brief explanations of the following books may be found from the Spiritual Wisdom web site by clicking on the appropriate title below:

Arcana Caelestia
Apocalypse Explained
Conjugial Love
Divine Love and Wisdom
Heaven and Hell
The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine
True Christian Religion


Editor and Contributor

Alan Misson

Other Contributors

Alan Bowie
Ian Russell
Robert Gill